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Decorated Cake with Donuts

March 08, 2020

Having Your Cake and Eating It Too:

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Barry A. Nelson

Use of Inter Vivos QTIP Trusts and SLATs to Enhance Estate and Asset Protection Planning

Material from a presentation of Chapter 8 from Estate Planning and Asset Protection in Florida: A Plan to Survive Unexpected Financial Threats by Barry A. Nelson as presented at the 2020 ACTEC Annual Meeting on March 8, 2020.

This book and the individual chapters are available for purchase at Juris Publishing.


December 02, 2019

Year-End Estate, Charitable/IRA and Gift Tax Planning 2019

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Barry A. Nelson

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Jennifer E. Okcular

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Cassandra S. Nelson

Client informational letter regarding 2019 gift and estate tax planning techniques.


March 22, 2018

6 Question 2018 Gift Suitability Analysis

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Barry A. Nelson

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Cassandra S. Nelson

Barry A. Nelson and Cassandra S. Nelson provide LISI members with a 6 Question Checklist to help determine the suitability and appropriateness of making major gifts in 2018 or thereafter based upon the increase of the basic exclusion amount to $11.18 Million. Members will find their commentary particularly helpful as it is written in the format of a letter to clients.

Published: Steve Leimberg's Estate Planning Email Newsletter, Archive Message #2631, 03-22-18.

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March 03, 2018

Review Your Estate Plans in Light of Tax Act

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Barry A. Nelson

What are the tax consequences if the basic exclusion amount is reduced in the future and a person used the entire basic exclusion amount in 2018? For example, could that person be forced to pay a gift tax if the basic exclusion amount is reduced or can the donor’s estate taxes be increased to take such gifts into account? Most believe such an approach would be unworkable and unfair, but not impossible.

Published: South Florida Legal Guide 03-03-2018; and The Miami Herald Business Monday 03-05-2018.


July 2017

Financial Elder Abuse/Exploitation:

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Barry A. Nelson

Financial exploitation (or "financial abuse") of elders has become an all too common phenomenon frequently perpetrated by family members, friends, caregivers, "lovers" or other trusted persons. When lecturing on this topic and asking attorneys in attendance if they've encountered financial elder abuse in their practice, a show of hands typically reveals that about one third have encountered some form of such abuse. The manipulation of elders to reap financial rewards isn't novel and has been the subject of much litigation.

Published: Trusts & Estates, July 2017

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May 2017

Attorneys Face Difficult Ethical Challenges

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Barry A. Nelson

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Cassandra S. Nelson

in Trying to Protect Clients from Financial Elder Abuse/Exploitation

While there are numerous warning signs of financial exploitation of elders, prevention is difficult. Even in states such as Florida that have statutory protections, the laws are difficult to enforce without the cooperation of the person who is the subject of abuse. 

Published: ActionLine, a Florida Bar Real Property and Trust Law Section publication, Spring 2017.

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Estate Planning and Asset Protection in Florida: A Plan to Survive Unexpected Financial Threats

by Barry A. Nelson


Barry Nelson is an industry-respected, board-certified attorney with decades of experience counselling high-net-worth clients. In this useful resource for both professionals and clients alike, he reveals the serious implications of ignoring the potential liabilities that can threaten a client's assets.

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Estate Planning and Asset Protection Book

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