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Plan Your Estate and Protect Your Assets

A Trusts & Estates Law Firm - Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Barry A. Nelson and Jennifer E. Okcular and the attorneys of the Trusts & Estates Law Office of Nelson & Nelson, P.A. provide estate planning and asset protection legal services for high net worth and private wealth clients.

The selection of an attorney to plan one’s life and personal estate or business venture is a decision that will have lasting effects. The attorneys at Nelson & Nelson bring decades of experience and the necessary insight to counsel clients who wish to plan for the peaceful passing of the their assets to designated beneficiaries with minimum taxes. Our attorneys integrate estate planning, tax planning and asset protection planning that will allow clients to take advantage of applicable laws to reduce taxes and maximize economic security while minimizing risk. Our attorneys offer personal, practical and creative legal advice to plan for today and the future by tailoring a plan according to each client’s unique family situation; whether they are businesses, individuals, families, LGBTQ or same-sex couples or families with special needs children.

Nelson & Nelson, P.A. has been named a “Best Law Firm” consecutively since 2010 by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers®. The firm is recognized as a Miami Metropolitan Tier 1 firm for its professional excellence in Tax Law and Trusts and Estates Law and National Tier 3 in Tax Law.



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Barry A. Nelson


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Judith S. Nelson


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Jennifer E. Okcular


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Cassandra S. Nelson


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2022/2023 Legislative and Case Updates and How They May Impact Your Estate Plan - November 2023

In this letter to our clients, we discuss a number of legislative and case developments relating to estate planning and asset protection. This letter focuses on specific legislative developments that we believe are most relevant to our clients.​​

Barry Nelson
Jennifer Okcular
Cassandra Nelson


Barry A. Nelson and the attorneys of Nelson & Nelson, P.A. provide a team approach toward estate planning and tax planning offering a wide range of legal services with a focus on wills and trusts, asset protection, trust and estate administration, probate administration and corporate, partnership, LLC and family business planning from their office in North Miami Beach, Florida. They provide individualized attention in order to develop a comprehensive and customized plan to fit each client's professional and personal needs and goals both during and after their lifetime.

Corporate, Partnership, LLC and Family Business Planning


Estate Planning Questionnaire

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In order to begin the estate planning process, we request that our clients submit our Estate Planning Questionnaire. This form will help us obtain information so we may prepare a customized plan that will provide maximum benefits for you and your family's needs. Click the button below to learn more about how to get the process started.

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House of Representatives

Legislative and Case Updates and How They May Impact Your Estate Plan


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The Victory Center For Children with Autism Co-Founder, Barry A. Nelson, Receives Prestigious Edward Weisband Distinguished Alumni Award for Public Service from Binghamton University Alumni Association

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Estate Planning and Asset Protection in Florida: A Plan to Survive Unexpected Financial Threats

by Barry A. Nelson


Barry Nelson is an industry-respected, board-certified attorney with decades of experience counselling high-net-worth clients. In this useful resource for both professionals and clients alike, he reveals the serious implications of ignoring the potential liabilities that can threaten a client's assets.

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Estate Planning and Asset Protection Book

Full book available in hard cover or PDF. Individual chapters available in PDF.

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